The 100% Trust  solution in the cloud

Lawyers, insurance companies and wealth management advisors can now securely share and comply with the public cloud.
In PARSEC, process your information and protect your customers' sensitive data in the cloud with the 100% guarantee that this data can not be corrupted, infringed or held by a third party without any authorization, regardless of the storage location cloud.

A client project = A dedicated workspace

PARSEC allows you to partition your workspace for each of your project or mission as workspace.
Organize your document management, deliverables and tasks.
With PARSEC's Access Rights Management feature, define differentiated access for your team or client in one click.
Use PARSEC with your customers while mastering the data to which they have access. You can easily follow what has been shared with them, who will certainly enjoy a professional and personalized sharing space.

Save money

Take advantage of the reduced storage costs of the public cloud, without compromising the security, integrity, and privacy of your customer data.
With PARSEC, the priority is to guarantee the protection of your data. To do this the software encrypts end-to-end documents before storage in the cloud. In addition, your keys are known only to you.

Work differently

Streamline communication within your consulting teams with PARSEC's intuitive and streamlined sharing. You can increase your mobility and strengthen your presence with your target customer.