Banks, and Investment Companies ...

You can now work and collaborate seamlessly in the public cloud. Improve customer engagement, Ensure employee mobility, Create workspaces to share and approve content. With PARSEC, you benefit from a unique platform that allows your company to work safely.

Develop your digital collaboration

The digital transformation is required today in all sectors of activity, the public cloud is becoming more and more essential and changes the working methods.

With PARSEC, get ahead of your contemporaries by adopting a more agile work model that promotes the mobility of your employees.

Share, Modify and Comment your files in real time with your customers and partners whatever their location.

Get unique, highly secure content management to get the most out of your digital work environment.

Simplify your document management processes

Financial professionals are subject to very dense documentation.

A rough management of your files may cause you to miss business opportunities or make irreparable mistakes for your customers.

By centralizing and partitioning all your financial documents in PARSEC, you are efficient in your work, you know where to look for the right information and with whom to share it serenely.

PARSEC, allows you to be more responsive in your decisions and actions.

Reassure your employees, customers and partners

With PARSEC, you are assured that the personal data in your possession is protected and kept in accordance with the standards that govern your sector.