What if the cloud becomes the mostsecureplace for your sensitive data?

With PARSEC, give your business a convenient, easy-to-use and efficient way to manage and migrate your content to the cloud, without compromising the confidentiality of your organization's sensitive information.

Modernize your work methods

Digital technology is also changing the way government agencies work, and their processes are often very complex.

Adopt PARSEC to modernize your working methods, communicate with citizens and stakeholders via an ergonomic channel, easy to use and at a lower cost.

Benefit from a centralized space to collaborate, but also manage and secure your content and processes, while maintaining your compliance and your compliance with standards.

Increase the mobility of your teams in the field

Provide field officers with tools to consult real-time strategic information they need for the execution of their tasks.

Manage the access rights for each content and also the rights of actions involving the possibility to make changes.

Stay in agreement with your security policy

PARSEC is part of your security policy.

Whether your data is stored in a public or private cloud, the solution guarantees the maximum level of security that a collaborative work solution can offer, combining the concepts of Security by Design, Zero-Trust and Zero-Knowledge.

You also have the choice of the authentication mode according to the requirements and the sensitivity of the data in your possession.

PARSEC offers unique and secure content management to accelerate the implementation of your digital work environment.