A sovereign Cloud that allows you to gain productivity

As the market becomes more competitive over the years, it is crucial for start-ups to optimize the time spent on equities. Teams need to have a system of information, sharing and collaboration that is safe and effective.

No time to manage the documentation scattered between several speakers by mail.

The centralization of the data offered by PARSEC enables the optimization of exchanges and sharing of important documents in one go!

In this way, your teams can work faster and better.

Improve the efficiency of your operations

When your teams collaborate and share documents in a centralized workspace, they save time!

PARSEC allows you to share content with internal and external teams, and to create automated and fluid workflows, thanks to the most ergonomic interface.

Just know how to copy and paste to upload your documents in PARSEC.

You can create workspaces to categorize the most relevant content according to the people and files with which you interact most.

In one second you access the file you need.

Protect your sensitive data

Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations through enhanced administrative controls and professional security features such as authentication, logging, and non-repudiation of data.

Optimize the financial growth of your business

Free yourself from heavy and very expensive infrastructure.

Enjoy the low prices of the public cloud and all its benefits, without worrying about the security of your documents.

PARSEC offers you the opportunity to invest your money where it's needed.