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As part of an open innovation approach, Systematic Paris-Region, Global Competitiveness Cluster and European leader of Deep Tech, brings together and animates an ecosystem of excellence structured around 6 Technology Hubs and 3 Economic and Societal Issues:

The Systematic Cluster connects software, digital and industry players while accelerating digital projects through collaborative innovation, networking and technological sourcing.

French Tech is a French label awarded to metropolitan hubs recognized for their startup ecosystem, as well as a common brand that can be used by French innovative companies.

The French Tech aims in particular to give a strong common visual identity to French startups, as well as to promote exchange between them

Bpifrance is a public investment bank, a French organization for financing and business development. It brings together Oséo, CDC Entreprises, the FSI and FSI Régions. In particular, it is responsible for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, medium-sized enterprises and innovative enterprises2 in support of public policies of the State and regions3.