ZéroTrust + Zéro Knowledge = CYOK

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A security system based on the Zero-Trust concept

The security of your data with PARSEC is based on a simple principle:


PARSEC pushes the security logic "Zero Trust" to its climax by relying exclusively on self-generated keys by the terminal that fully controls the security of data according to an integral concept of "Create and Control Your Own Key or CYOK".

The PARSEC 0Trust model is based on the fact that threats are ubiquitous, both inside and outside your organization.

PARSEC allows you to ensure the reliability of your security system as you adapt to the workings and different modes of work offered by the cloud.

This involves creating a security perimeter by combining effective encryption techniques with intelligent authentication.

Even with the best security solution in the world, the last line of defense is the users.

PARSEC integrates effective user authentication, strict access management, and traceability and historization features, allowing companies to control access with rigor:

  • 01 Control of authorized users
  • 02 Controlling the data they access
  • 03 Control of access times

PARSEC Keep-control

PARSEC Keep-control is based on Zero-Knowledge encryption.

The confidentiality of your data is ensured exclusively by the terminal considered as the only entity of confidence.

The Zero Knowledge zero-knowledge encryption model makes you, as a user, the sole and unique owner of encryption keys.

Neither the administrator, nor any host or cloud provider, nor any other administrative authority, will be able to access your encryption keys.

In addition with the PARSEC Traceability and History functions you can see what changes have been made to the data and restore your contents to a previous version.

Enjoy the benefits of digital while maintaining control over your data