Parsec, Share Safely


The security of your data, our priority

Public cloud storage services are a highly efficient alternative to private storage infrastructures, as they are highly complex when setting up, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure for customers end.

In addition, attractive subscriptions in the public cloud only need to pay for the resources consumed, for example, space or bandwidth.

Nevertheless, cloud storage poses a high risk for security. Many incidents point to malicious users bypassing vendor security protocols and gaining access to sensitive user data. Hosted data may also be solicited by governments for national interest (eg Cloud Act in the United States).

As such, public cloud providers fail to provide strong end-user security assurances with respect to entrusted data.

PARSEC is the first Opensource software solution designed to address the security concerns of public cloud services while exploiting their benefits such as scalability and pay-per-use.

PARSEC ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data stored in the cloud of your choice, private or public, and shared anywhere in the world.

Data security and resilience are fundamental elements in the development of the PARSEC solution.

Whether your need is to comply with the regulation of a specific sector or to meet standards of security and confidentiality of data, PARSEC aims to guarantee the security and protection of sensitive data, to all our customers.

Centralize and share your files with your teams, customers and partners

PARSEC is a secure collaborative work solution that allows you to manage your files in an intelligent and structured way. Thanks to its intuitive platform, you create your folder tree and access your data wherever you are. Sending and sharing documents within your teams and with your customers has never been easier.