Parsec Innovation

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High level encryption

PARSEC is at the forefront of technology thanks to the partnership with researchers from the Bordelais Laboratory of Research in Computer Science LaBRI.

The technological breakthrough of PARSEC lies in its original algorithms that guarantee a very high level of security in the cloud. These algorithms encrypt and segment the files from the user's terminal, they arrive at the server in several small, unreadable formats.

PARSEC is based on the Zero knowledge encryption model It is built on a system based on a triple trust


It is built on a system based on atriple trust




  • 01 Trust in access: guarantee identity and associated rights
  • 02 Trust in transport: the HTTPS offers an excellent guarantee
  • 03 Trust in Sharing: Managing Private Keys at the User Level

Research for business digital transformation

The use of public cloud service for the storage and sharing of confidential data requires end users to cryptographically protect data and access to it.

In some cases, the end user would like his data access identity to remain confidential to the cloud provider and other users accessing the data. As such, the underlying cryptographic access control mechanism must guarantee the anonymity of data producers and consumers.

To meet this need, we introduce PARSPart and synchronize your files internally and externally through an EC A-SKY platform, a cryptographic access control extension that can provide confidentiality and anonymity guarantees, while effectively evolving towards large organizations.

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