Security, Cloud  and Collaborative

The digital transformation, which is essential today for companies, favors new trends such as teleworking and the adoption of the public cloud, which are largely incompatible with a perimeter security model


An organization in PARSEC is just a shared folder in the file manager tree. You just have to master the notion of "copy and paste" to manage and share securely all your documentation within a workspace.

Similarly, the enrollment of a new user or the creation of a sharing group is done in one click in a very intuitive way.

Management in configuration

No need to manage the multiple versions of a document sent in encrypted form to a panel of recipients more or less identical to each shipment.

Cloud compatible

PARSEC secures the data before it is stored in the cloud.

When you save a file, via the intuitive PARSEC interface, it is divided into several encrypted blocks that are stored on a cloud that you can choose according to your structure's privacy policy.

To access your information, the PARSEC software router synchronizes blocks distributed in the cloud, and allows all users to access a common version of the shared document.

No proprietary infrastructure is needed to organize shared confidential documentation.

Files returned to the cloud via PARSEC become inaccessible to unauthorized persons


The generalization of collaborative organizations leads to the disappearance of the physical boundaries of companies. Therefore, information systems need to be natively "responsive" and allow companies to deploy a digital workspace that is in line with their needs.

With PARSEC's ergonomic content management, you integrate agility and mobility in line with your collaborative work system.

Having your teams collaborate in a centralized workspace increases your productivity.

No need for messaging, encrypted attachments, or endless exchanges that slow down your workflow.

All your collaborators, partners or suppliers have a synchronous knowledge of the documentation needed to carry out your joint work.